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Caring for Climate

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"Caring for Climate" is a voluntary and complementary action platform for those UN Global Compact participants who seek to demonstrate leadership on the issue of climate change. It provides a framework for business leaders to advance practical solutions and help shape public policy as well as public attitudes.

Chief executive officers who support the statement are prepared to set goals, develop and expand strategies and practices, and to publicly disclose emissions. With respect to disclosure, endorsers commit to communicating on an annual basis on progress made as part of their existing disclosure commitment within the UN Global Compact framework, that is, the Communication on Progress.

Download the Caring for the Climate statement

In May 2009 the Nordic Network facilitated a dialogue on corporate efforts to fight climate change between chief executives from Nordic Caring for Climate signatories, the UN Secretary-General and the Danish Minister for Development Cooperation.

A meeting was held in Copenhagen where the executives were given an opportunity to lay out the goals, initiatives and best practices they follow to tackle the effects of climate change. The executives presented the UN Secretary-General with a new publication "Caring for Climate: Nordic Best Practices" which include 22 case studies portraying climate initiatives taken by Caring for Climate signatories of the Global Compact Nordic Network.

You can see the publication here.

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