About the Nordic Network



Two annual network meetings

The Nordic Network has two regular meetings every year - each meeting lasting two days. Network members from Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Greenland take turns in hosting these meetings.

Meeting agendas, presentations and other output from the meetings are posted under in this website under "Events" where upcoming meetings are also to be found.

The Nordic Network establish working groups and initiatives on an ad hoc basis with currently the below major initiatives running.

Cop Peer Review

All business signatories to the Global Compact are required to submit an annual Communication on Progress report - a socalled COP.

The COP peer review process is a unique opportunity for Network members to receive qualified feedback on their COP from peers. The review will be conducted by fellow network members who have also volunteered to have their COP reviewed in the process.

More information on this initiative can be found in the Concept Note.

Development Chapter

The purpose of this chapter is to further explore the possibilities for cross-company/cross-sector collaboration which may lead to increased benefits for all.

The chapter conducts biannual meetings where sector or country specific challenges are discussed.

More information on the Development Chapter can be found in the Concept Note.


Mentor Program

The mentor program matches experienced Global Compact signatories (mentors) with less experienced ones (mentees).

The purpose is to allow for the mentees to obtain inspiration and guidance on how to effectively integrate the ten principles into their daily practices and on how to carry out the Communication on Progress (COP) report.

Members interested in joining this initiative should contact the Focal Point.

Other Activities

Supplementing the Nordic activities, the Nordic Network members arrange and participate in activities at the national or local level for the purpose of promoting the awareness and implementation of the Global Compact principles.

Last update: 2012-10-09