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Helsinki, December 1-2, 2015


Pre-Session - Latest Development of Global Compact 

Susanna Zeko & Erika Eriksson - ICC Sweden, Focal Point GCNN

Think Big, Act Sustainable - Global Goals in Business Strategy

Mark Line - DNV GL Business Assurance
Cecilie Hultmann - DNV GL Group
Timo KoleHmainen - Nokia
Kaisa Hietala - Neste
Flemming Lynge Nielsen - Danfoss
Riikka Joukio - Metsä Group

The Hot Issues - Business in Jungle of Growing Regulations

Ari Palmroos - UPM
Riikka Poukka & Hannu Kasanen - Deloitte
Anne Vanhala - Castren & Snellman Attorney 

Responsible Land, Construction, Real Estate use

Eva-Lena Carlén-Johansson - Skanska

How to Boost Female Leaders in Business – Without Legislation

Leena Linnainmaa - Finland Chamber of Commerce

Decent Work – Best Business Practices & Lessons Learnt

Benjamin Smith - ILO

Compliance of Labour, Supply Chain & Human Rights

Johanna Pirinen - Konecranes
Elina Raask - Nokia
Laura Puustjärvi - Valmet

Good Money Never Sleeps – New Trends of Investments

Taina Haahti - Ethix SRI

The Way Forward - Next GCNN meeting Greenland 2016

Copenhagen, May 4-5, 2015


Human Rights How to incorporate the UNGC principles in the company, KPMG

Global Perspective on Labour Rights, Anne-Louise Thon Schur, PWC

UNGC Leadership Program, Ole Lund Hansen

Labour Rights, Peder Mandrup Knudsen

Alignment with the SDGs, Claus Stig Pedersen, Novozymes

GCNN COP Peer Review Program, Carina Ohm, EY

Building the Future, Design with knowledge, Signe Kongebro, Henning Larsen Architects

Trendcards Nordic Network. From Profit to Value - Future

Building a joint Nordic strategy, Anne Mette Christensen, Deloitte

Next GCNN meeting Greenland April 2016


See also the link on the organizer's website:

Stockholm, November 4-5, 2014


Warm-Up Session

KPMG Sweden, Jenny Fransson: Global Compact Reporting

Session 1 - Building an Ethical Organizational Culture

Swedish Anti-Corruption Institute, Helena Sunden: The anti-corruption action within Swedish Businesses

Hammarskiöld & Co, Claes Langenius: Proactive compliance measures in ethical organizations

Session 4 - Tone at the Top

Accenture, Tomas Haglund Flemström

Akademiska Hus, Kerstin Lindberg Göransson

TeliaSonera, Michaela Ahlberg

Dinner session

Water Aid, Cecilia Chatterlee-Martinsen


Oslo, May 14-15, 2014

Invitation, Programme and Participants' Guide:



Participants' Guide


Melissa Powell, UN Global Compact, New York

Egmont International, Charlotte Damgaard

Rambøll, Stine Jeppesen

DNV GL, Maria Gjølberg

Day 1: Social Innovation

Tania Ellis, The social Business Company: Sustainable business success through corporate social innovation

Rasoul Dashbani Mikkelsen, Grundfos Lifelink (Denmark): Innovation opportunities addressing bottom of the pyramid needs

Karin Ruiz, Peepoople (Sweden): Creating Social Innovation through Shares Value Partnerships

Johan H. Andresen, Ferd (Norway): Social Investments, a powerful tool for Strategic Philantrophy

The Business Model Canvas

Day 2: Sustainable Technology and Innovation

Michiel Kiej, Desso (Denmark): Embracing the Circular Economy, powered by cradle to cradle

Tonje Frydenlund, Snøhetta (Norway): Powerhouse

Annik Magerholm Fet, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU): Industrial Ecology and Green Economy

Day 2:  Smart Nordic Capital Cities

Frode Hvattum, Accenture: introduction

Marina Lønning, Telenor: Oslo - Smart City

Simen Bakken, Oslo 2022: Applicant Smart City

Peter B. Larsen, Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster: Copenhagen Smart City

Simon Giles, Accenture: Smart Cities - Great idea

The way Forward - Next GCNN meeting - Greenland 2016 


Helsinki, October 24-25, 2013

Agenda and Programme:

Agenda and Programme


Tofuture CSR Consulting Services

Case Martela

Case Alma Media

Views of CEOs on CSR:

Accenture Sustainability Services

Shared Values and Committed Leadership:




Values, Leadership and Changing Environment:


DNB Bank

Compliance of Human Rights & Corruption:

Metso Mining & Construction

Diversity and Safety in Workplace Home and Abroad:

Manpower Group

Save the Children Denmark


Metso Corporation

New Requirements for Business Footprint & Reporting:


Novo Nordisk



May 14-15, 2013 Reykjavik

Agenda and photos from the meeting:


Photos from the meeting

Day 1 - Global Compact:

Sean Cruse vol. 1

Sean Cruse vol. 2

Sigurborg Arnarsdottir, Ossur

Day 1 - Commitment:

Sigrun Sigurdardottir, ATVR

Martin Kviesgaard, GrønlandsBANKEN

Steinthor Palsson, Landsbankinn

Day 1 - Side event UNDP

Stine Junge, UNDP

Day 1 - Engagement:

Renata Frolova, A.P. Moller Maersk

Jakob Strom, Royal Arctic Line

Lise Knudsen, Danske Bank

Kristjan Kristjansson, Landsbankinn

Olafur T. Gudnason, Rio Tinto alcan in Iceland

Day 1 - Reporting:

Christian Honoré, KPMG


Day 2 - Forming partnerships:

Anne Mette Christiansen & Anita Hoffer, CSR Greenland

Ketill Magnusson, FESTA



May 12-13, 2011 in Helsinki
October 25-26, 2010 in Reykjavik
May 6 - 7, 2010 in Copenhagen

Make our voice heard on February 20th - 2013


October 1-2, 2012 Copenhagen

Agenda & Participants Guide:


Participants Guide

Photos from the meeting


Background documents:

COP Peer Review

Nordic Network Development Chapter

New Geographies of Sustainability - Report

Article by Andreas Rasche 'The United Nations and Transnational Corporations'


Warm-up session: 

Dorte Gram Nybroe, Focal Point, Global Compact Nordic Network: Global Compact and COP overview

Regitze Rose, AS3: Reflections from a newcomer to the Global Compact

Morten Lehmann, IC Companys: COP Reporting in practice

Christine Jøker Lohmann, Confederation of Danish Industry: UN Global Compact Self Assessment tool

Anne Mette Christiansen, Air Greenland: Integration of the Global Compact in the business


Day 1 - Setting the scene:

Andreas Rasche, UN Global Compact LEAD Steering Committee: Trends and Challenges within the Global Compact


Day 1 - Break Out Sessions


Henriette Oellgaard, Chr. Hansen

Claus Frier, Novozymes

Paiva Makkonen, Metsä Group

Magnus Enell, Vattenfall


OECD National Contact Points:

Mads Øvlisen, Chair of the Danish Contact Point

Timo Vouri, Member of the Governmental Advisory Body to the Finnish OECD Contact Point


Development Chapter: Joining Forces to Leverage Best Practice:

Kristian Andersen, UNDP Nordic Office Norway

Marit Trodal, Grieg Star


Day 1 - Corporate Responsibility Reporting

Thomas Kjærgaard, Aarhus University

COP Peer review


Day 2 -  Break Out Sessions

Sustainability in emerging markets:

Lene Bjørn Serpa, A.P. Moller-Maersk

Thomas Knutzen, Norsk Hydro

Venki Vaith, Stora Enso Oyj

Questions for group work


Water: A value chain issue

Matthias Retter, PwC

Troels Børrild, SalterBaxter

A Nordic CSR Strategy
Victor Kjær, Danish Business Authority

Natural resources in the Artic region: A curse or a blessing?

Anne Mette Christiansen, Air Greenland

John Nordbo, WWF Denmark   

Human Rights Due Diligence

Danish Institute for Human Rights


April 24-25, 2012 Stockholm

The meeting focused on current developments in the Global Compact, Human Rights, Nordic contributions at Rio+20, Perspectives on Global Sustainability Issues, Earth Summit Hot Topics - Water&Ecosystems, Sustainable Production & Consumption, and Corruption/Risk Assessment.

Agenda and Participants

GCNN Stockholm Final Agenda

GCNN Stockholm List of Participants

Preparation Course: 

Magnus Enell, Vattenfall: Overview and background

Eva-Lena Carlén-Johansson, Skanska AB: COP guidance

Lena Hök, Skandia Nordic: Investment perspectives

Day 1:

Georg Kell, CEO, UN Global Compact New York: Current developments in the Global Compact on the road to Rio

Day 1, Session 2: Nordic contributions at Rio+20



Novo Nordisk 



Day 2, Session 2: Earth Summit Hot Topics

Water & Ecosystems; Roy Antink (Skanska AB), Cathrin Stock (Xylem Water Solutions), Josephine Gufstafsson (Stockholm International Water Institute)

Sustainable Production and Consumption; Kerstin Lindvall (ICA), Ellen Behrens (Orkla ASA)

Corruption/Risk Assessment; Jeppe Kromann Haarsted (Coloplast), Jens Ole Legart (Vestas)


November 7-8, 2011 Oslo

The meeting focused on Due Diligence in the supply chain, Sustainability Due Diligence and Internal Compliance, Low Carbon Leadership and Innovative Approaches to improve Performance, and possible contribution from Nordic Network to Rio+20.  

Agenda and Participants

GCNN Oslo Final Agenda

GCNN Oslo List of Participants


GC for beginners, Kristian Rudsta Andersen 

Opening Plenary

Update Focal Point, Dorte Gram Nybroe

Lene Wendland:UN Guiding Principles on Business and human Rights: Key Implications for Business

Hege Røttingen: Updated OECD Guidelines and The Due Diligence Requirements

Session 1: Due Diligence in Supply Chain 

Cody Sisco, BSR

Orkla, Ellen Behrens

Pandora, Claus Teilmann Petersen

Session 2: Sustainability Due Diligence and Internal Compliance

IFU, Carole Welton Kaagaard

Siemens, Wilhelm Klaveness

Opening Plenary Day 2:

Kristian Andersen, RIO+20

Steffen Kallbekken, Cicero: Climate Update

Nis Christensen

Session 1: Low Carbon Leadership - Innovative Approaches to improve Performance

Telenor, Jan Kristensen

Metso Corporation, Linnea Peltonen

Vattenfall, Magnus Enell

Session 2: Possible Contribution from Nordic network to Rio+20

Dorte Gram Nybroe, Rio + 20



May 12-13, 2011 Helsinki

The meeting focused on business in high risks areas, human rights, anti-corruption, sustainable investments and new trends in reporting. Furthermore update on the latest GC development was given. Views of CEO and corporate strategist on CSR and business development were heard.

Agenda and participants:

GCNN Finland 12-13 May 2011 - Final program(2).pdf
Global Compact Nordic Network meeting - list of participants per 9 may 2011.pdf


Presession - introduction to GC
Presession Melissa Powell - Intro to GC Presentation_Helsinki.pdf
Lemminkäinen Global compact 12_5_2011.pdf

Latest development of Global Compact
Melissa Powell - Update on the GC_May 2011_Helsinki.pdf

Management and strategy - CSR
Business and responsibility strategy-Outotec-MSa.pdf

Business in high risks areas
High risks and business - Terhi Koipijarvi UN Global Compact_May 2011.pdf
High Risks and business - Nokia Kiiskinen GC NN FIN MAY 2011.pdf

Business and human rights

Hermann - Engaging_Business_Implementing respect for human rights v04 publish.pdf
Swedbank-Amanda Jackson GC May 2011.pdf

Hermann - Anti-corruption How to educate staff and minimise risk v03 publish.pdf
Anti-Corrpution - Coloplast, Jeppe Kromann Haarsted.pdf
Anti-Corruption - Building a Culture of Integrity in DNV.ppt

Sustainable investments and investing & financing partners
Investor and CSR - Hyrske GC 13 05 2011.pdf
OMXGES_Sustainability Index_20110513.pdf
Investor - financing - NIB The Global Compact.pdf

New trends in reporting
Reporting GCNN130511Kuisma.pdf
Reporting and business - Susan Blesener UNGC Nordic Network 13 May.pdf
Reporting and financing partner - Eli Munkelien Integrated_reporting_GCNN.pdf

Update on GC NN and next steps
GC Nordic Info 2011 May Focal Point.pdf


October 25-26, 2010 Reykjavik

The meeting focused on the latest GC development, CSR management within companies, business in supporting development, business after financial crises - case Iceland and lessons to learn.

Agenda and participants:
Global Compact í Reykjavík 25 -26 október Program(1).pdf


Global Compact development:
UN GC Brief - M Stausberg_REYK2410.pdf

Development and business cases:
Business Call to Action Natalie Africa PPT Revised Oct 2010 reduced.pdf
SIDA Presentation B4D Iceland okt 10.pdf
Yara African projects(1).pdf

CSR management - internal and external motivation and challenges:
Aker 2010 Global Compact  Pres AMT.pdf
GMCB_GC and GRI_GC meeting Rvk 25Okt 2010.pdf
Outokumpu and corporate responsibility 261010.pdf

Iceland and financial crisis:
Ari Skulsson - Case Iceland -GCNordic-261010.pdf


May 6 - 7, 2010 in Copenhagen

The meeting focused on the sphere of influence of companies up- and downstream in the value chain with emphasis on supply chain management and communication.

Agenda for the meeting

Unofficial summary of the Nordic Network meeting discussions by the Focal Point Timo Vuori:


May 6th:
Timo Vuori: Network updates
Ole Lund Hansen: Global Compact update
Peder Michael Pruzan-Jørgensen: CSR trends
Helena Barton: Supply Chain Management
Anne Skjerning: The NGO perspective
Kerstin Lindvall: Supply chain management at ICA
Ellen Behrens: Orkla case

May 7th:
Mallen Baker: CSR reporting
Mika Kiiskinen: Social media and CSR in Nokia
Tomi Rintanen: Marketing and CSR in Vaisala Oyj
Anders Schroll: Responsible lobbying and CSR in Lundbeck
Astrid Haug: Social media
Helena Barton: ISO26000 and UN Global Compact

Photos from the Nordic Meeting / Dinner (taken by the DAC):
DAC's CEO Sanne Lindhardt welcomes to DAC.jpg
Dilemma game at DAC.jpg
Dinner at DAC2.jpg
Dinner at DAC1(1).jpg
The focal point.jpg

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