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Summary of GC NN Helsinki meeting 1 / 2011


Global Compact Nordic Network meeting 1 / 2011 was held in Helsinki on 12-13 May 2011

Available material:
All material related to that meeting can be found on this website under section Event / Previous events. 

Focal Point, national coordinators and steering committee:
In the meeting it was decided that after Finland / Timo Vuori the Nordic Network Focal Point rotation will goes to Denmark / DI. Timo Vuori is acting as Focal Point till 30 June 2011. After that Denmark is holding Focal Point status from 1.7.2011 to 30.6.2013.

National coordinators in each Nordic countries continues to support the work of the Focal Point. Furthermore, steering committee is also giving guidance for the work of Focal Point and national coordinators. 

Nordic Network vs National Networks
There is a strong support to continue to arrange Nordic Network meetings 1-2 times per year. Furthermore, in each Nordic country national coordinators are ready to arrange any events and action which is asked by the GC corporate members. There is no one fits for all solution.

Membership of Nordic Network and National Networks
In the meeting it was also discussed about the membership of the Nordic Network. So far membership has been open for companies and other business actors. There is a strong support to continue useful co-operation between GC Nordic companies within the Nordic Network. However, there is also growing support to open Network official membership for other GC committed stakeholders. Slight majority of the participants in Helsinki supported the idea to reconsider the membership criteria. 

There is no one fits for all solution. Therefore, it was decided that Focal Point together with national coordinators and steering committee will prepare a concrete proposal for the new, amended membership criteria. This proposal shall be drafted before the next Nordic Network meeting. Such concrete proposal shall be also discussed at the national level and then finally decided in the next Nordic Network meeting.  

Any comments or need concerning the outcome and discussion of the Helsinki meeting, please do not hesitate to contact Focal Point: Timo Vuori.